Hardrock MX....what a waste

Somebody needs to take that place over that isnt lazy like Dennis. They have some much potential to have a great place to ride out there but they do nothing with the place. I have only been out there once where it appeared that someone has tried to do anything with the track. I keep on saying that I will not be back, but stupidly, I keep giving them another chance. That wont happen again. I was looking for a place to ride since all of the tracks are closed due to the rain so the last place I call is Hardrock. The lady says the tracks are in good condition and that it hadnt rained out there in 2days. Mxpilot43 lives near the track and said it rained most of the day Saturday. Tracy (mxpilot43) and I head over there...(45mins from my house) and the tracks are pretty much unrideable. The sand track had multiple areas that were washed out with 3ft holes in jump faces. The main track was washed out as well. We already know that the place sucks, but at least be honest when someone calls to ask about the track condition...I only went out there to ride the sand track as the main track is just too dangerous. I could have just paid the money and rode just to ride, but I refuse to reward their laziness buy giving them my money. Dennis needs to sell the place and let someone that gives a damn a chance to make that place better. :worthy:

Sorry if this hurts some feelings, but sometimes the truth hurts. :thumbsup:

haha you wont like sunshine mx either,they have all the berms and turns down but any of the jumps there suck!

i hear ya. i mean i have never heard of that place but around here we have the same type of situation. There is a place about 20 min from my house that used to be a nice place to ride but the people there refuse to work the track so its hard packed clay and so dusty unless your the only one on the track you can't ride it. its a real bummer.

Would this guy entertain selling? I have foreign investors looking for business opportunities.

It has been for sale for a couple years from what I understand. I think they were asking $4M? Need to sell some rides for that kind of change.

Anyone got any pics of it?

it's almost as if he's trying to piss everyone off. it will never be a good place to ride until glen isnt involved, and it will never be sold until he comes back down to earth.

I had the camera but I didnt take any pics...I should have but it started raining. You will just have to trust me that the place would be the best place to ride in North Florida if someone would go in there and spend a week just grooming and reworking the grounds. But for $4M he has smoked way too many blunts...I hear that he wanted $100k down and $10k a month to lease the place and that didnt include any equipment.

Gene, the main track is in worse shape than Cycleranch was after that flood a couple of years ago...and he cannot blame this one the rain!

there is a guy here in miami name steve griff that many would swear by, try him out, you can reach him at miamimxpark.com he is a rider and runs the track here in miami. You never know maybe he can run your place up there or buy it?. Just an idea!

I've been there once and will never go back as long as Glen Knox owns it. He's a rude arrogant pr%$# and I will never drop another dime in that place. Besides, there are too many nice, personable, track owners in Florida who appreciate our patronage to spend my money with.

I go there only for the trails (which aren't much). But they are the only real elevation in Florida.

It has been for sale for a couple years from what I understand. I think they were asking $4M? Need to sell some rides for that kind of change.

How much land is out there? What's the charge to ride? Daily/monthly/yearly? Anyone know how long this guy has owned it?

I agree w/ you guys, everytime i go there the tracks are never groomed they lie about how bad the tracks are after a rain.Someone needs to buy it and take care of it cause it has the potential to be one of the best mx parks in florida.

I will say it again you guys need to tell steve griff (he is a rider) and runs miamimxpark.com (a local track here in miami) maybe you can convince him to take over? Will someone please try! you might get better results?

zman are you like 14yrs old?

mxpilot43,why do you ask? are you a pedaphile? and no I am not I am 42 and I am just tryin to give these guys a possible solution!

The guy wants $4mil for the place....definitely not worth it. Mxpilot43 used to be a catholic priest... :thumbsup:

100 acres at $4,000,000..... $40,000 an acre, probably zoned AG, he's crazy unless he has financials to back it up.

...he's crazy...

That about sums it up...

mxpilot43,why do you ask? are you a pedaphile? and no I am not I am 42 and I am just tryin to give these guys a possible solution!

because its obvious you got issues with griff, so to come on here and say he should run hardrock just seems a little adolescent to me.

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