05 rmz450 junk timing chain keep coming loose?

I have a rmz450 05 and just rebuilt the top end.have about 1.5 hours on it and it wouldnt start so i decided to check the timing chain.And it was loose really loose why would a new timing chain get so loose so fast.also is their any after market automatic tensioners out their yet.now i have to go and set the timing again and probably ride about 2 hrs and have it not start again.I am really getting to hate this bike and the junk tensioner they have.also why would the origanal chain go 2 years without any adjustment and now the thing is loose.i also replaced the tensioner at the time of the rebuild.please help or im getting rid of this thing.

Are you doing the adjustment at TDC on the compression stroke? That is the most important part of the whole process.

yes and now the little half moon keepers just fell inside where the crank is:foul: .this bike is close to just getting loaded into my truck and dropped off at the nearest salvage yard.very frustrating at this point.:thumbsup:

It's a pain in the butt no matter how often you have to do it!

Anything new has a break-in period where it wears the most. For about the first 40 hours on my "05" I would have to adjust my cam chain about every 4-6 hours then 6-10 and now that I have almost 200 hours on mine I can make it 12-16 hours. I've never taken my valve cover off. I put my finger in the spark plug hole to see if I'm on the compression stroke and then use one of my wifes chop sticks in the cylinder to find TDC then double check the timing marks. I have other methods of determining engine condition besides breaking out the wrenches. I've posted this before so my flame suit is on!

I read a post here a couple of years ago where a hole was drilled and tapped on the back of the tensioner. Either a 6mm or 8mm bolt was screwed in with a lock nut to adjust. If I remember right this eliminated the whole TDC ritual where the only danger was over tightening the cam chain. The factory spring inside was deleted but the side adjust was left in place to keep the flat spot of the plunger from rotating or spinning around while the engine was running.

I'm all the way out in Nevada but if you take it to a salvage yard could you PM me. It would be worth the trip to come and get it!

Did you replace the timing chain during the re-build? Is the plunger assembled correctly?

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