throttle cable / carb help insight

so i took apart the carbs the other month

let it sit

cleaned them

now am putting htem back on

i did a prety good job labellign them I thought


I just want to double check how to confirm how the throttel cables go back on the link set, throttle part # 16032-MBN-671 (where the throttle cable ends get placed on the carb that rotates when you twist the throttle)

Also I'm missing a screw kind of necessary screw as well

does anyone have a spare or be able to tell me the size and other specs so i can pick one up at a hardware store? the screw is part # 93500-05010-0H

its the screw that holds the stay plate(part # 16038-MBN-671) on the carb that keeps the throttle cables in place.

I need this screw.. cant find it

grrrrr. I hate when i take my bike apart

anyhelp is appreciated

what bike do you have? i would try honda parts or maybe even on here somewhere, i would look it up but i need a model and year. as far as the cables do the same give a year and model and i'll be able to tell you excatly which is pull and which is push and the routing involved:thumbsup:

sorryy its a 2000 xr 650r

i know ron ayers the screw is 50 cents but about 8$ in shipping.. ughhh

It shouldn't require to much technical knowhow to hook up the cables.Study the carb and the throttle assembly. One goes on one way the other goes on the other.,and as for "push" it doesn't exist..and neither does pull pull.

sorryy its a 2000 xr 650r

i know ron ayers the screw is 50 cents but about 8$ in shipping.. ughhh

take the carb into ur local Ace Hardware or simular store with a gud selection of metric fasteners and replace all of the soft oem fasteners u can find replacements for...bowl, top and it might be a gud time to remove the carb a search i or someone may have even posted the screw sizes.


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