Custom jersey

Lets say I want to put a number and my name onto a motocross jersey. If I was living in USA I'd try Local Hero MX, but I live in Europe, and not even in the UK. Maybe someone knows some place that does this stuff in Europe. Any help is appreciated...

I did mine just the other day with iron on numbers and letters from ebay

works pretty good and doesnt cost $50

Doesn't Local Hero MX ship international?

can buy iron on kit online for like 20$ :thumbsup:

Do not, I repeat, do not try any iron on kit, it's not worth the trouble.

Hmm, actually i just assumed local hero didn't ship internationally, will have to check that out :worthy:. Still it would be quicker to get someone on the other side of the ocean to do it :thumbsup:.

:busted: thanx Shifter, i think I'll pass

soxfan24, why?

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