07 crf250 won't start

I'm looking for ideas on why my bike won't start via kick-starter. I can have somebody push start me and the bike fires right up. The bike has plenty of compression and runs great once started.:thumbsup:

I just put in a 13.5:1 Wiseco piston.

My valves are shimmed to specs.

Brand New Plug.

Carb Is cleaned and jetted. (stock exhaust so doesn't need any special jetting)

Is the cam timing right? You could be a tooth off. How does it perform?

I would start by setting your fuel screw. With the bike warm, turn it in until it idles down, then turn it out till it idles the highest/crispest. Test by bliping the throttle.

How does it start when it is warm?

When I push start it to get it running it fires right up and runs really well.

I can run the bike till its hot, shut it off, then when I go to kick start it, it won't start. I can push it but whether its cold or hot it won't start via the kick starter

i would check your valves again. they might be out of spec already. when my valves were cooked, i had the exact same problem. the shim only lasted about an hour of hard riding.

I'm gonna go back out and check them tonight

I had the same thing happen, your timing is probably off.

The marks on my side case are not right. I sat a zip tie ontop of the piston and found true top dead center and then sure enough the bike fired right up after that.

The marks on my side case are not right

Do you mean on the side of the cam?

Do you mean on the side of the cam?

i think he means on the side of the clutch case where the marks are inside the transmission. with the 2 gears with a punch mark on each of them.

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