spark at the same time

I know this is kinda a dumb question, but I'll ask it anyways. Do both plugs spark at the same time? Does it matter which spark plug wire goes where? having some trouble havng the bike run without using the choke forever, the spark plugs aren't tan or white so I guess I'm not running lean right? I just wish I could hit the FCRMX sweet spot!:thumbsup:

Both plugs fire from the same coil, so yes, they do fire at the same time.

A wise man (my father) once told me that 80% of all fuel problems are ignition related. How strong is your spark? A weak spark can cause a motor to want the choke all the time, because a rich mixture is easier to light than a normal or lean mix.

They do both spark at the same time, and order doesnt matter. If you need the choke then it sounds to me like your pilot circuit is way too lean. Check your fuel screw and maybe put in a larger pilot jet. Another very important check is the float level! If it ran fine before you switched to the FCR then its just a matter of dialing it in. Maybe fresh plugs incase you fouled them out.

I have a #38 pilot is that smaller than the recomended #35. I never setup float height, but I got mine from MXRob so I assume he set the float height correctly. So the pilot scew is the thing need to experiment with right? I will do that I guess i'll get them from procycle.

I have a #38 pilot is that smaller than the recommended #35.

Pilot is #40 and the Leak is #35

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