Torque settings for 200cc Roketa cylinder head

Hello all,

Newbie to the fourm. I just purchased a couple bikes and have a question about one of them. I scored a Roketa 200cc at a garage sale for $50.00 The seller bought it for his kid for Xmas and the motor seized up after a couple days of riding. Needless to say he sold it to me at his garage sale. I pulled the motor and found a nut floating on top of the piston that was wedged to the wall of the head next to the valve. Weird huh! Anyways it looks like I can smooth out the gouge in the head and on top of piston and put everything back together. My question is what are the torque settings for the head bolts and is there a site where I can buy a new head if I need to? Thanks for all your help.

well, as always, i would reccomend trashing it and getting a japanese bike, but $50 is a hell of a deal! thats about what its worth though, be warned. anyways as for the torque settings i dont think you need to be too specific, just tighten them all evenly in a criss-cross pattern. and get them pretty tight. i see you are from Missouri, me too. what part are you at?

Lets see here.. I own a 2006 Harley Sporty 1200 custom, 2007 TRX400ex, 90cc Dinli (same as the polaris scrambler) New Coolster 125cc Jumper that is getting suspension mods and now this Roketa 200cc bike. Looks like I can get this motor working with out parts but I am concerned with the gouge in the head. Shouldn't matter though. By the way I am in Sainte Genevieve.

huh, never heard of it. have you heard of hurley? 25 out of springfield? anyways you need to get the head fixed/replaced. no offense to you, but chinese bikes dont exactly last when there isnt something wrong with them ah, and of course you need to order gaskets, cant forget that :thumbsup:

Ste. Gen is south of Saint Louis. I get up to Springfield often to work on some servers at the Underground. As for the bike the head gasket is plastic and seems to be re usable. I do need to replace the cylinder gasket though. At least the cylinder was not damaged and the head looks like it will survive. I am going to get the motor fired up tomorrow and see if it starts smoking.

so you say it seized? which means you got a new cylinder? you honed it right? anyways no offense, but a head gasket should never be re-used, especially on a four stroke. but thats cool we live not too far from each other, you ride any tracks around here?

Got the motor running with the existing parts. (new gaskets) It runs rough and we will spend some time adjusting the carb and making sure the tranny shifts through the gears before I spend any money on it. If the tranny is good I will fork out for a new top end. Otherwise toss the motor and buy another off Ebay and keep this bike for one of the kids to play on. As for going to tracks I am a noob when it comes to dirt. I used to do alot of closed course road racing and track days and gave that up when I move to MO. Traded in the CBR for a quad and a trailer. I ended up getting the mid size pit bike for the boy and a 90cc polaris for the girl. The pit bike is another project I been working on as well. I added a new rear swing arm, shock, and sprocket. Next will be better forks, bars, hydraulic clutch, and better brake levers. I should have that bike finished in a couple weeks unless I sink money into the Rokata.

UPDATE! Wife wants the Ro Taco gone. She wont let me put any money into it now since there might be a bent rod. Damn a new Lifan engine would only cost $380 and the bike would be good as new again. I have it up on Craigs List and hopefully no one wants it then I she will be forced to let me get the motor.

no offense, but im so glad she made you sell it! no offense, but i promise you, you would spend thousands to get this thing through 1 year.

japanese bikes are where its at! i got an rm125 for $700, needed a little work, but in the long run i saved thousands

Funny vid.. That person paid $1500 compared to my $50.00 and by the way I found a motor for $200 Can't tell the wife though! I know this bike is a piece of shit but any one of our kids wont know the difference between this lump and a Jap bike.

:thumbsup: ah, so a kid will be riding it? perfect then. of course it will break down alot, but not as much if its just being putted around

Got an offer for $240 as is.. Anyways the bike is up and running now with no added parts. My buddy is adjusting all the "safety features" LoL Looks like we did not have to purchase the top end after all. So far I have invested about $100.00 plus my original $50.00. I most likely will flip it when I get it back this weekend. I should get $400 for it. Then I will take that cash and put it in my TRX400ex or get the new touring seat for the Harley.

my bro had a trx400, it was awesome!

I am digging it. I only had it for a few weeks. I traded my CBR in on it. I have nerf bars coming and now looking for a new pipe to get that thumping sound out of it. I am not concerned with more power. Plenty enough power stock for me. Now for the update on the Ro Taco.. The bike is up and running with only one issue. The bike will not shift to neutral while the engine is running. It will shift just fine with engine off. Oh well.. The bike is up on Ebay now.

check out your clutch basket, usually if it wont shift into neutral, that indicates your fingers are worn

The bike sold on Ebay for $620.. Gone Baby, Gone!

haha, nice turn around man! :excuseme:

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