Sand Woops Bike Set Up

When riding sandy Forida trails (Croom) with endless woops what is the best way to tune for suspension set up? Slower Rebound? Stiffer Compression? Do I mess with High Speed Compression?

just hold it wide open and they will smooth out

i improved my rebound and it helped out quite a bit, raise the high speed compression on the shock and it should help too

The ones at or track aren't that big, but I just pin it. Make sure you try several body positions and riding styles before you mess with your suspension.

i realize you want to go fast threw woops but im asking more about bike set up. is a stiff set up better or do you want to go threw more of the stroke on the shock. fast rebound slow rebound? what works best for sand woops?

I don't know. Go ask in the Suspension forum too.

You want compression to be stiff so you don't bottom out, and a slow rebound so you don't get ejected.

And you dont have to "pin it" just keep on the throttle just a bit so your back end isnt all over the place. This just keeps the weight on the back tire so you wont get ejected :thumbsup:

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