Real bike weights.DRZ400s / DR350s / KTM400EXC

Just thought I would throw out some information for those who might be interested in bike weights. I posted this in one of the posts on the ktm section but thought it was also worth a mention here with its own thread.

I recently weighed my newest 'to me' bike. My 2002 ktm 400exc that has a trick dual sport kit and the usual after market bike protection using the 2 scale method. I purposely was holding out because every time that i have done this in the past i am disappointed and shocked by how much my bikes actually weigh. This time is no different. I had previously weighed my DRZ400s and my 92 DR350s ( kick start only w/ battery eliminator etc.) The results of all 3 bikes are with gas and are as follows......

2004 DRZ400s - 320 lbs

1992 DR350S - 295 lbs

2002 ktm 400exc - 283 lbs

what ad ons makes drz400 weigh so much ?I thought they were under 300#'s .Oh there I go thinking again.

so Suzuki is off when they say 291 dry for the drz400s? unless you had 30lbs worth of add on items.

Add ons on my drz are the basics. case savers, radiator braces, skid plate, hand guards, fatter foot pegs, but i have also removed rear tail light assembly for smaller ufo one, remove stock mirrors for lighter ones, replace stock bars for aluminum and i am sure i am forgetting a few things. overall probably close to stock weight.

what ad ons makes drz400 weigh so much ?I thought they were under 300#'s .Oh there I go thinking again.

Hi duct, :thumbsup:

Almost always the dry weight is listed... for example dry SM weight is 295 lbs... but the actual running weight with gas and oil is 318 lbs. I've been able to hack my SM down to 301 lbs. (278 lbs. dry)


... but that's just about as far as I can take it without resorting to unpractical exotic and expensive things.

Take Care,


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