Galfer SS line question

Will the Galfer SS front brake line for an '03 KLX400R also work on an '03 KLX400SR? How about the rear? Thanks :thumbsup:

i think the line would be too short . the master cylinders are different for the klx-r and klx-sr models same as the drz-e and drz-s models . i would assume the r model line is a little shorter than the sr line due to the way the banjo fitting mounts to the master cylinder . it more confusing when you check galfer part #'s between the klx-sr and drz-s , they're reversed:confused:

i have a galfer line on my s-model and its a tight fit with the caliper relocation bracket me thinkin' now, I have a set of 1 1/2" bar risers...even the S model line might be short, ya?

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