Valve adjustment

hello folks.......

just wanted to join in with the other DR 650 owners that were nervous about doing the valve adjustment on their DR for the first time........

man, was that ever simple!!

With Jesse's kit and the simple one page instructions from the manual, it truly was easy. The hardest part, if their was one, was getting my fingers to fit into a limited space to hold the gauge to do the exhaust valves....with a bit of patience and fiddling around, you find the right spot......

Don't be like me and procrastinate, just do it! :thumbsup:

Did mine yesterday at 800 miles. They were perfect. Got a set of guages and bent them a bit to get them in place. Worked great and good to know all is well there. Motor starts at just a touch of the button hot or cold. No choke needed at all. Avg. temps here are around 45-50 f' in the mornings. I want a pipe but know that jetting and all that will follow and don't want to mess up a good thing just yet. 47 mpg last fill up. I must not be riding it hard enough. :thumbsup:

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