Great new source for trail maps for Garmin GPSr

actually the project has been going on for a couple of years, and keep in mind, *most* of these trails are NOT open to motorized vehicles, so don't even think of riding them unless you know your allowed

but there is a fair amount of decent coverage in the places that are. (like Tahuya, Gifford Pinchot, Taneum, Mad River area etc.)

pretty easy to use.. after you download the maps, read the instruction file, but basically

1. download the file

2. run the file

3. open Mapsource

4. select Northwest trails from the "maps" dropdown

5. select the maps as you normally wood and download them to your GPSr

you can view the trails in Mapsource but you have to be at 2mile range or closer

these are "transparent" maps in that they only include the trails.. no other map data.. so you will also want to include whichever map set you normally ride with along with the trail maps..

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