CR 125 won't stay running-help!

My CR 125 kicks over, runs for a while and when you get it to about 3rd gear and try to give it gas it acts like it's running out of gas and dies. Tank is full, and when I pull the spark plug it appears to be clean except for a little gas residue. I spray the plug with electrical cleaner and put it back in and it fires up again. But it will only run for a short time before it dies again.

Is the plug dry or wet after the bike stalls?

If it's dry, start by making sure the fuel cap is venting properly and that the carb is getting gas.

If it's wet, make sure the float level is correct and nothing is sticking.

If you don't pull the plug and just let it sit for a minute, will it start and repeat the stalling process?

Could be a problem with float level height and or needle and seat. Don't overlook the possiblity of the petcock screen may be restricted with debris.

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