stripped oil plug drain?

anyone know if they sell kits to reseal the plug? i know they sell special kits for cars if u strip them they have like a 2 in 1 plug u screw it on an in the center of the new plug is a tiny screw an u just take that screw out /

You would probably do better to post this in the forum for your particular bike model.

That said, you could always heli-coil it if nothing else comes up.


i stripped mine out too but it still held just enough torque that Teflon tape and some liquid gasket did the trick...makes oil changes unnecessarily difficult tho. wish i had a torx wrench now.

just did the same thing to my bike today! except the bolt fell out while i was riding!UGHHHHH i'm gonna kill the guys at my shop when i get the bill

Use a Timesert and repair the damaged threads.

just had a shop put in a helicoil today cost me 20 bucks

haha just happend to me yesterday i just took it to the shop and they put in a timecert for 70 bucks

Same thing happened to me. I took it to the shop and they machined the hole one size bigger and gave me a new drain plug.

Bunch of things you can do depending on how much you love the bike. Machine shop drill one size bigger, Helicoil, weld and retap, two piece drain plugs, etc. On my 01 RM 250 that I didn't want to spend any money on. I bought a self taping plug with a bigger pitch. Drain the oil. Lay bike on side. Grease the plug to catch the new threads. Screw in slowely with ratchet. Back out after every turn. Flushed the engine with 2 qts of cheap oil. Put self taping plug back in. Been working fine for the last 2 years. Make sure to buy a torque wrench next time to keep you from stripping screws. If you bike is newer I would go with one the more "proper" fixes, the only problem is on many models like my RM 250 you need to pull the motor out and apart.

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