A really good day

Today I (finally)had one gallon of gas and hit my track. I thought I'd do an "Eddieville"--go for 90 minutes and see where I ended up for laps(Eddieville lap was 8 miles) and average speed, etc, to compare to my race in June. Obviously my track is not the same track :worthy:, if anything mine would be a "slower" track(much higher percentage of turning, not much space for speed), but anyways...hopefully that would make up for the 5 minute+ handicap the women's next to last start off the line gets, and waiting to get your card punched each lap. SO...I got 21mph avs (my avs at the June race was 16mph), and at 90 minutes I had 31 miles--one mile short of earning another lap(to make 5)--in which case I would have "won" :busted:. Convoluted and probably wishful thinking I'm sure, but I thought it was fun :blah: BTW, squeezing into that 5 lap pace would place one in the middle of the guy's B and C classes. (yes I spend time figuring this all out :D)

Then it started raining, sprinkling, enough to turn some of the hard packed clay slimy. So I kept riding till I hit reserve, heh four more miles worth. I got 35 miles on a gallon of gas.

So anyways, I was really stoked on what I learned this summer, and I can't wait to see what happens next year! This winter I'm going to use this workout as a guide http://www.alpineascents.com/denali-train.asp and see how it does me.

HOPEFULLY this holiday weekend we can go to ride Upper Nestucca(hopefully hopefully camp too, not just the day). It'll be wet!

PS, life would be all kittens and butterflies if Santa brings me a hydraulic clutch!:thumbsup:

Nice job on the track! Where is this upper Nestucca in relation to Pacific City? We're heading over there for a week beginning of October to do some jet ski surfing - might be fun to bring the bikes if some good trails are near.

Hi BB!

Pacific City is directly west of me about 25 miles as the crow flies, and Upper Nestucca is about 8 crow miles west of me(inbetween). But probably at least an hour+ by road from Pacific City. You can cut through up there taking the Nestucca Access Highway(called something like that)--though that road is a twisty narrow road, partially gravel, BUT would be ABSOLUTELY beautiful in October with the fall colors--it follows the river, lots of fly fishing. Or you could take the normal highway around down almost to Lincoln City, back east to McMinnville, then back west to Upper Nestucca.

Is that clear as the Oregon mud? :thumbsup: That time of year it can be anything from dry to wet :worthy:. Maybe we can get together?

hehehe....ktms have hydrolic clutches stock! :thumbsup:

sounds lik a great day!

yeah yeah :worthy: have fun with your rock, I mean seat! :thumbsup:

hehehe....ktms have hydrolic clutches stock! :thumbsup:

sounds lik a great day!

Yup they leak all the time and break slave cylinders... Nice piece though.

Thanx Plush - I'm somewhat familiar with the area, we've been going there for years now a few times every fall. That's definitely our favorite time of year there. Thinking about spending T-day there again too - we had 70 degrees and sunny skies that time two years ago! I dont know that we'll bring the bikes but if we do, I'll definitely let you know and hopefully you can show us a trail or two! Your welcome to stop on by and say hi to us too - we're staying at Tierra and be riding most every day,whenever the surf's good. I'll keep you posted!

My family was thinking about going to Brown's Camp this Sunday. Maybe we could make the trek up to Nestucca. I think Grassy Flats staging area would be great for one of my girls. The other one can practice on fire roads. Let me know if you are going there for sure. Hubby's doing a Sat ride with the "boys". They won't be leaving me behind for long though.

Seems I'm a day behind all your postings.

hi thor chic!!! we're thinking of going to Nestucca on Saturday, the mr doesn't want to go if it's raining though(ugh :thumbsup:) keep me up on what you're all doing :worthy:

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