WR250X shift points

i used a spreadsheet from SportRider and slugged in stom_m3's gearing data and a dyno chart from another thread for a stock bike.

WR250R would be a little different.


shift mph rpm







Ran the WR250 R numbers. Not more than 1 mph difference.

So a general easy to remember rule for best stock acceleration could be:

1 to 2 = at the limiter, since you can't go 35 mph in first:)

2 to 3 = 45 mph

3 to 4 = 55 mph

4 to 5 = 65 mph

5 to 6 = 75 mph

These are actual speeds, not indicated. YMMV.


Here are two for comparison with each other. These show from 3600-11200 rpm in each gear.

The data used is from the Yoshi dyno chart that dave_in_michigan pointed to.

The Yoshi one on top looks really good to me across all rpms.:thumbsup:


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