suzuki pe 250 year?

Does anyone know the year of this pe 250?


Neck # is PE 250-16236, Carb # FO 2,2, Aluminum front rims J21X1.60


anyone? I really need to know what year because I need to order parts and don't want to get the wrong ones. I think it could be an '81 but wanna know what you guys think.

Definately not an 80 or 81. There was a major styling change in 80 which carried over to the 81. The 80 had RM styled side panels, aluminum swing arm, aluminum skid plate( eliminated in 81 and replaced with tubular case guards) rear fender was differant in 80-81. The correct fender for the 78-79 had a integrated taillight. 77 was completely differant also. Less travel, aluminum tank(might have been steel) Just type in 78-79 PE250 and search for pics. Youll see. The seat on your bike is not right also, it looks like it came off of a european bike of some sort. Its either a 78-79.

'78 or a '79. But if you posted the frame number we could nail it for you.

Definitely not a '80 or '81.

the number on the Neck is PE 250-16236, where would the frame # be located?

Hey Flex, do you still have this bike?

Ever get it running?

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