What years of radiator will fis 2001 YZ426F

I cracked my right side radiator last weekend at a race and now it starts to leak the weekend before a big race Labor day weekend! :busted:

I need to know what years will fit as I am scrounging for a radiator ASAP! Also will JB weld hold under the pressure of the system if I have to go that way? :worthy:

Anybody got one? :thumbsup:

Thanks for the info!

Take it off and send it to Mylers Radiator. You'll have it back in time for this weekend.

Thanks Greyracer!


Go to www.motogrid.com. click on the Yamaha logo and on the right side click the pulldown in the quick part lookup for the brand of bike then put in the part number that you are looking for. Leave the model box blank and it will tell you where that part number was used on all year bikes. This is a great help when searching for used parts.

I sent a radiator out to Myler's last Friday via USPS Priority Mail from the East Coast. I just got a phone call from them yesterday telling me the repair is done and they're shipping it back. I didn't get it yet, but that's what I call speedy turnaround.

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