What motor should i put on a CRF 150 R Expert Frame?

I am tryikng to get a rolling chassis of a CRF 150R Expert. I dont know what type of motor to put on it to get the best performance plus reliabilty. I dont want to be working on it all the time, but i want to keep it light so it will be a good enduro bike. Im 16 and only 145 pounds so im thinking a 250 motor. But should it be a CRF, WR, XR, or something else? :thumbsup:

by the time to buy the chassis and motor then do all the labor, it will be cheaper to just buy a 250



5hp briggs & stratton

a ktm 200

5hp briggs & stratton

electric start or pull start :thumbsup:


I woul think a crf250 engine....... but why dont you buy an actual 250?

Correct me if im wrong but doesn't service honda make a 250 engine in a 150r chassis?If they make it then there is obviously a reason for it.


XR 80, 100, and 200's are pretty popular swaps.

I agree. A CRF150f or XR200 engine in a CRF150r chasis would be one heck of a playbike!

crf250 engine. if i had the funds i would have this bike for sure.

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