2003 Dodge Dakota

Hey all...looking at buying a 2003 Dodge Dakota SLT. 96,000 miles on it. 3.9 liter, V6 automatic. Anyone have any light to shed on this specific model??

Thanks guys!!!!!! :thumbsup::worthy::busted:

I've got an 02 Club Cab with the V6 and 5spd. I average about 21 MPG city/hwy. Keep your foot out of it and it will do well. I've seen 23 on the highway.

It's been bulletproof for me (had it for 1 year). Moves alright for a 6 and the size of the truck. rolling 98,000 on mine soon

I have a 97 club cab v6 2wd. That was the first year of the body change.

It has 206,000 miles on it. Trans failed the first time at 48k miles, while still under warranty. I do not know what the cause was. At 106k miles it failed again, blew 5th gear synchros.

Motor has been rock solid.

I'm selling it. My needs have changed. I was using it to tow an ATV trailer but by the time I loaded the truck with a WR250r and a bunch of other stuff it was sagging too much. So I bought a 2500HD crew cab long bed yesterday.

Loved the truck. Been to Salt Lake City twice, Alburque once, San Diego many times, Mt Ranier once. Phoenix twice. Very quiet on the freeway. Way more comfortable for long trips than my Sentra.

I have an 03 eith the V8 and I love it

Check out www.dakotausa.com

My '02 SLT has been super reliable for 95K miles. Did the brakes and ball joints (Fabtech lift) at around 70k miles. It has the 4.7/auto, and it's been a great truck.

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