Uk Cr500 Af

Possibly/probably the best specced alloy frame cr500 in the UK is up for grabs.

I built this bike with the intention of keeping it forever but a very surprising family crisis may mean it has to go.

Based on an 03 CRF frame professionally modded to fit a 93 motor which genuinely is practically brand new(less than one hour on it).

The bike has the best of everything...full spec list to follow as studying the pics will not tell all.

It rides fantastic but can be a handful.

I may consider a cheaper bike plus cash...

serious enquiries via pm or email pmhughes at





You obviously put a lot of time, effort, and money into the bike. It really is one sharp looking ride.:thumbsup: Wish I had some extra money and a little more room in my garage.

GOD>> That bike is SICK!!!!!!!!

How much for the dog?

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