Do I need a full height boot for street supermoto?

I'm on a KTM 950 supermoto nowadays, and my Sidi Crossfire SRS boots feel friggin' huge and heavy for normal canyon carving, etc. - no racing.

Anyone have suggestions for protective, comfortable alternatives to a full-height, heavy mx boot like the Crossfire? Would an AS Tech 2 or similar boot work well? I'm hoping for some personal experience here.


I don't ever wear my Sidi Crossfires on the street. You feeling is correct..they're too bulky. Can't feel the brake. Only for racing do I use them.

For street duty, I currently use some AGV roadrace boots. I also use these boots when it's a pavement only race.

(I guess it's worth mentioning that my race bike and street bike are two different bikes.)

Next set of boots for me will be Sidi Vertigo Air. Ultra nice and super comfy. :thumbsup:

i was wondering this myself, if they make a supermoto boot for street use?

I dont dare use my sidi b2's on the sumo because i was afraid the pegs would tear them up, and they are just too small and light. Shifting the 450x with sneakers even hurts my toes. So i started wearing 6" work boots with steel toe and it feels 10x better riding the street. But i'd still like to get a boot with more ankle protection...

have you seen the thor 50/50 boot? im not sure exactly what you are looking for, maybe something more sportbike styled?, but this seems to have what you want, lightweight and good protection considering the size.||parentCategoryID~1^superParentCategoryID~category_root^parentCategoryName~Dirt^categoryID~171^categoryName~Boots^subCategoryName~Boots^subCategoryID~1079

I wear the Thor 50/50 boot on the street for commuting. Very comfortable, decent protection, and a good price.

+1 on the Thor 50/50 boots. I wear them on my Sumo every day. They're also half decent for walking around in. They have two MX style buckles on each boot, which makes them easy to get in and out of quickly. :thumbsup:

Thought I would chime in- I want a 950 sm in the worst way, well actually currently lusting over the new 990. I plan on getting one in the spring. I know alpine stars has something you may be interested in:


I used to wear my Crossfires everyday. I was riding 135 miles a day but now I only go 24 miles a day so I wear street shoes. I know the distance shouldn't matter on safety but I relaxed the rules in the August heat

My, and many others opinion, is that the best Street tard use boot would be any sport bike road race boot. Moto gp riders unload at speeds in excess 200 mph wearing these boots. My opinion is that at those speeds, if the pro riders could find something better, they'd be wearing them.

I remember years ago when they first came out with the higher hard plastic ski boots. They gave lots of support and you felt secure in them. Only problem with those boots was if you went down really hard lots of time your leg would snap clean right at the top of the boot.

Additionally, road race boots are designed so that the soles and the sides of the boot slide on pavement without digging in.

Again, in my opinion, compromise boots are just that... a compromise. If your just going into town or planning some easy riding those boots are fine, but if you suiting up with protective pants armored gloves and an armored jacket, you might as well get the real deal for your boots as well.


Thumbs up on the Tech 2s ... tried a few others, but felt more secure with the AS T2 - especially after seeing two buddies get their toes and ankles pinned following stupid low-speed antics wearing shoes without ankle support or protection. I, too, have other MX boots, but they're just too heavy, bulky and hot for messing around on the street. The Tech 2s are very comfortable, no break-in required, definitely stylish, and reasonably priced.

I had a pair of Icon Superduty 2's. They were nice because they were low, but i thought they were too clumsy for such a short boot. I've been switching back and forth between my wolverine work boots and my A-star tech 8s. Each one has good and bad points.

I would really like to find a compromise between the two. Like a Superduty, but better quality.

Just my 2 cents


I use the Sidi Doha for short rides to work and the Vertigo corsa for canyons. Pricey but fits great and has the best protection

Thor 50/50

Maybe you should consider Aerostitch Combat touring boots. They are esentially a basic moto boot without looking like judge dread would wear them. just my .02

What about the Teknic Hurricanes?


What about the Teknic Hurricanes?


Those are nice.

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