2001 KX125-- will always be remembered

well guys. i sold my kx125 about 30 seconds ago for $1500. boy what a learning experience that bike was for me. also id like to thank each and every person thats helped me throughout my kx experience. some names off the top of my head- no1clyde, ebeck,kdxgarage. thanks EVERYONE with out the support from the kawi 2 stroke forum i would still be a lil trail rider on an xr80. its sad to see her go but she was just too big for me. thanks to all and ride strong:ride:



Your welcome. I think Sean means a KX100 would fit you well.


You're welcome. Good luck on a future ride.

kx100's are nice :thumbsup:

hows the 100 compare to a 125??? like erganomically

hows the 100 compare to a 125??? like erganomically

Smaller. I'm 5' 5" (and 46 years old!) and KX100's fit me almost perfectly. I did the math with seat heights and wheelbases, and me on a KX100 is more or less the same as Kevin Windham on a 450F.

I have an '05 KX125/144 now (and had an '01) and it's a tall bike. I can't touch both feet at the same time.

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