tubeless tires on stock wheels??

I'm sorry if this has been asked before. I am a former mx racer that is making the transition to supermoto. I just bought a 98 xr600r that has been plated in texas that I will be riding as my daily driver, but I want to put some competent street tires on the stock rims because my budget is tight.

Any advice is appreciated. Glad to be here!

Yes you can run tubeless tires with tubes on the stock rims. It's easy to get a 100% road tire for the rear, and just a little more difficult for the front. About the best sticking 21 inch front is the Maxxis Promaxx. Not the longest life though.

Take a real close look at the tubes when replacing tires. The tubeless tires tend to be kind of rough on tubes so use new ones if there is any wear at all.

I've run tubes in tubeless tires on spoked rims many times with no issues so far.

these are kinda interesting...and depending on how long they last maybe somewut cost effective...

haven't read any first hand reports from big thumper riders though...but i have never search this site.


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