i went to the county fair today and picked up a custom sticker for my helmet....


it says KTM barbie in hot pink :thumbsup:

Oh the boys will be PI$$ED when they see that go smokin by em.

lmao XD

haha thats great. good for you

Oh the boys will be PI$$ED when they see that go smokin by em.

thats the idea! :thumbsup:

PLEASE do us all a favor, take off that rubber ducky looking thing on your helmet.

Oh wow...

That's the secret to holeshots. Every holeshotter has a secret saying. Some have it on their butt and others have it on their helmet.:thumbsup:

it says KTM barbie in hot pink :worthy:

Really??? I couldn't tell. Pretty funny stuff Kiwi. :thumbsup:

even as a girl i dont see the obsession with pink and barbie?

am i missing something. :thumbsup:

I mean i fit right in with the guys at the track my pants say 'Aviator' on the back.

lol its all good foxrider, some girls just dont like the pink. i just happen to reppp that shizzz! haha


Looks great......!!!

that thing is suweeeett! my dad wouldnt let me turn any of my bikes pink. porbably for the best too. hahaha

even though my 150F did have pink handguards...

hahaha. the next set of gear she wants has to be all purple. hahaha go figure. I dont care as long as she is happy and riding hahaha

i fell sorry for the poor 144 :thumbsup:

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