I dont have jump problems?

Lately ive seen some threads on here about have trouble jumping two strokes. This is scaring the crap out of me! im thinking about getting a 250pinger this winter and dumping my yz250f, but it sounds like its a hard switch. Ive jumped a 125 on some small jumps and didnt have any trouble with it, but i dont know if i could do the 80 footers like im doing now if i make the switch. I have never tapped the back brake before and i read on one of the threads the engine braking on the 4t make it so your front end doesnt come up. Im not gonna lie either, im afraid to tap the break + ive never had to either. So is all the hype about the two stroke jumping thing true? or is it just a coincidence that there are two threads on the front page about it? and while im at it, is it a good switch to make?(im 250lbs and figured the smoker could lug me around better)

You just have to get used to it. I find 2 strokes easier to ride. It's something you have to try and determine for yourself.

well, if youve been riding 4t for your whole life, a few hours on a 2t isnt gonna seem right yet will it?cuz i know someone who might let me ride theirs around

You don't have to tap the rear brake, I have a 125 and I have never tapped my rear brake in the air. There are other techniques to get your front wheel down lower.

I think its blown way out of proportion, 2T are easy to jump. They are only a problem if you come into the powerband on a jump face, which you have to be a total goon or idiot to do IMO

At 250lbs a 250 two stroke will be a much better fit for you. Depending on the brand you get will depend on its power characteristics. In my opinion Yamah and Kawasaki tend to have a smoother more controllable power, while the Suzuki and Honda tend to have a more torquey feel and tend to have a harder hitting mid. Jumping wise you will be fine. Once you get used to it you will be jumping everything just fine. Tapping the rear brake in no way is essential to riding a 2t. If you have to tap the rear brake you are not in the proper body position. Stay neutral or forward on the bike and you wil be fine. Just like on any bike if you get too far back and not in control of the bike it will try to pull out from under you, causing the front to be high.

I used to have a 125 2 stroke and i jumped it fine and now with my 250f i jump even better but when my bike went to the shop i rode my brothers 250 two stroke and within and hour i was jumping better than i was on my bike. so if some one is haveing troble jumping 2 strokes there doing some thing wrong because there not much differance jumping a 2 stroke than a 4 stroke but thats just my opinion

ok thanks

I have a kx250f that i race so im used to jumpin that, and my dad just got a kx125 and the first time i jumped it i almost looped out. But im pretty sure it was just improper body position, the rest of the day i was jumpin it just fine. It just took me a lap or 2 to get used to the lightweight feel of the 125 compared to the 250f.

I could make up on my 125 with just throwing my weight forwards, but i needed to use the brake on my 250f,also just practice tapping the break in the air off of a decent sized jump just remember to pull in the clutch nuthings worse than landing with a dead motor.

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