Looking for a tachometer for the L

Anyone running a tach? I have never seen one on an L pics anybody?

I think people are using the trail tech Vapor, it reads engine temp, RPM, odometer and will cook you breakfast and clean up the mess as well.

Seriously, look into this device, the Engine temp and tach make it a worthwhile gadget!!!

well that is just great! something else I want to get for my pig! :thumbsup:

gonna have to see if I can sneak this in under my wife's radar! don't know if there will be room left for my GPS if I install this though. anyone have pics of one of these installed on their XRL?


Thought about the vapor but a bit much more my taste.Just a plain jane tach with illumination will do.

Equus makes at least one model of 8000rpm analog tachometer(the 8068 comes to mind) that works on engines with less than four cylinders. I'm not sure if they can be triggered directly from a bike's capacitive discharge ignition, but they also include an inductive pickup option that just goes on the plug wire. MSRP is $125, though.

I also modified a $35 Sun Super Tach II to work on 1, 2, and 4 cylinders instead of 4/6/8 by swapping some resistors inside....

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