2009 Ktm 450sfx

ok guys i'm new around here so don't be to tough on me. i've ridden alot of 2 strokes before but not really any 4 strokes. the few rides that i did have i really became addicted to the power right away. so anyway i've been looking at the new ktm which looks really nice but honestly what is the most reliable out there. i've been reading throught the forums and when stuff goes wrong on these guys its not a cheap date. one of my friends bought an rmz and he road it for 2 hours and it dropped a valve, $1000 repair:crazy: so what do you guys think

With all the hours Ive put on KTM's over the years Ive never had any serious problems other then a stripped oil strainer bolt and that really isnt that big of a deal. :thumbsup: KTM:worthy:

Welcome to the orange club (assuming you make the best decision and buy a KTM:thumbsup: )

The 450 SXF is without a doubt one of the most bulletproof bikes on the track. Definitely!!

ktm is extremely durable. i have been a tech in jap franchised m/c shops for 7 years and have seen all brands with catostophic failures. i bought my first ktm this year after riding crf 450 for the last 3 years and i am hooked. i now bleed orange and have no plans to go back.

that's great to hear because my other pick was the honda

what do guys think about the electric start

Keep the filter clean, Valves have not been an issue for me. Get the suspension set up for your weight and ability. Ohlins out back makes the things handle better than the big 4. Besides the dollar getting killed in europe, you'll spend a little more but these SX-F's kick some serious a$$.


what do guys think about the electric start

Nice !! You´ll love it. It´s 21th century. Who wants to kick start their Bikes anyway ...:thumbsup:

although my 450sx still need to kick

it is still as tough as a nail!!!

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