running a 110/90-19 on a kx125?

it comes stock with a 100/90-19, but i have an extra rear tire from my 250 laying around, and would love to run it to save money. any negative outcome to this?

lmk thanks! :thumbsup:

I've tried the wider tire setup on my 250. It just doesn't work all that well in my opinion. Too much rear tire just overpowers the front tire in turns and ruins the handling, and the wider front tires ruins the feel of the front end. And on a 125 it will make breaking the rear loose when you need to more difficult. Stock sizes seem to work best to me.

If you want to save some money, go for it. The things Chokey said can happen, but its not like it's going to ruin any rides, it won't be too terribly noticeable.

Hell, my little brothers 125SX came stock with a 2.15" rim and a 110.

I ran a 110 on my 250F, which comes stock with a 100, and I actually liked it more. Now I run a 120 on my 500, but its a 500:busted:

Some tire manufacturer's interpretation of a 100 width vs a 110 vs a 120 is different as well. I have a Dunlop 110 on my 500 which is as wide as the Dunlop 120 that came on my Yammie 450

100 to 110 will not matter too much, but it does add a little bit more rotating mass, which may be noticeable if you are truly riding your bike at the limits, but if not, probably not

thanks guys... i'll run it, worst case scenario is i'll buy a new tire, lol.

Use 100mm tyre becouse it have smaller diameter, and 125 have low torque. With 110 is heavy rich powerrange in all gear.

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