WRR vs. 690 Enduro

Rode both for 3 hours today. My brother who has never riden anything except a Harley and swears he has NO interest in riding off road, bought a brand new KTM 690 for "gravel road expeditions". Before I get into any details I'll just say this... He went from looking like he might get killed very quickly, to looking like a seasoned veterin off roader when we traded bikes. On the other hand, after some adjustments (have burn marks to prove it thanks to the exhaust being opposite side of normal, I was pulling 4th gear wheelies and hitting 50 foot long drop-offs (@8' off ground) on the KTM. I could honestly rip trails equally on either machines. Very, very different machines!!! :thumbsup:

the 690 ktms are prety cool bikes for what they are, yeah, who thought up that ugly ass exhaust. but way to much of an off road pig for me. if i'm going off road i'm going all the way, 250cc 2 stroke or nothing. the duke is really cool as a streat bike. for me the 690's and bikes like them just don't cut it in the dirt.

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