Eddie Quick Question

If the spark plug on a 250 2-stroke is not tightened down enough, can u loose compression and get spooge on an otherwise perfectly jetted bike? I was not even turning it down enough to crush the washer on the the plug. One time I even had a little bit of pre-mix coming out around the plug. I just had a compression test and it was 175 lbs. This bike has good jetting but always has had a little spooge on the exhaust. If I put around the track in first gear at a quarter throttle with the kids the pipe is dry. I seriously doubt it is the main causing the spooge considering I was down to a 148. This bike is a 2004 kx 250 bought brand new in feb. I always heard low compression will always mimc rich jetting.

possible,but it would also run baddly if the plug were loose enough to cause any issue.

what type of riding do you normally do?

Harescrambles and some practice moto from time to time. The mechanic shop I was at wondered why there was so much feul and oil on the plug threads. I used to wonder this myself. I would only hand tighten, then turn 1/4 th of a turn with a wrench . One time on my old 2000 kx the plug worked itself clear out. To be honest, sometimes it did run bad. i had no idea the washer crushes and seats.:thumbsup:

im many riding situations its not possbile to build enough heat in the pipe to burn off the spooge.

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