cutting plastic's?????

okay so for the last couple of days i have been thinking about buying a new front fender for my drz sm. i have a acerbis sm fender on there right now and before i buy a new one i figured i would maybe cut down this one to see if i could live with it for a tad longer. so does anyone have a good method to cutting this thick plastic. i have saws and dremels and such but i would be open to anything to make it easyier. thanks logan

I cut the stock one down with a razor knife-leaves a clean edge.

4 the cleanest cut...try putting a metal straight edge where you are going to cut.....then a sharp knife along the metal til itgoes through. That makes a real clean cut. When you start sanding....cutting with a saw...dremmel` doesn`t look as clean...imho.


You could try making a template out of thin metal or something and using that as a cutting guide with a heated up exacto knife?

i was thinking about all thoughs ideas but i think ill try aout masking off a design and then make a template to cut against. problably with a heated knife like when doing the 3x3 mod, thanks for all you imput

show us the results when you are finished!

You can also use a set of dikes or as some call them side cutters. Just cut a little farther away than you need, then file and sand by hand. It's not the sanding or cutting that melt the plastic and give it a nasty finish, it's the speed it's done at. If you use a dremel or power saw type deal it melts rather than cuts the plastic.

i was thinking of doing the same thing to my stock S fender....can't wait to see ur results.........i used a dremel to take the back end of the fender off and it melted through the plastic on a slow speed. let me know how easy the knife method is

hot knife works really well on the thick plastics. if its an area thats visible you'll have to sand the edge to remove the residual melt but it cuts well and predictable, if you've ever cut one or three fingers with a razor knife youll appreciate the hot knife

heres an old thread with some cuts made with a hot knife

cool im getting ready to draw up some designs to see what i like and then ill start to take some pics.i think i will try a little of all your tips, i think ill start by over cutting the edge and then ill shape the extra with a hot knife of some sort and then sand or de-bur the melted parts and i guess ill go from there but ill make sure to take pics of the project. i really like the shape of the ufo supermoto fender, the spade shaped one. so i think ill use that as a starting point for design. thanks for the ideas and ill be back with a write up of some sorts

What's up with the bug on you forks?

What's up with the bug on you forks?

Maybe he thinks its the mother of all yellow jackets:thumbsup:

Maybe he thinks its the mother of all yellow jackets:thumbsup:

Good one:thumbsup:

Can you get any shots from further out? Say the whole frontend or bike?

Here you go-sorry the pics are so bad




I think you should skip your next DRZ mod and get a new camera!

One of the first digital cameras, we've come a long way baby! It's like the first computers that took up a whole office space to work. I usually just use my girlfriends but she has it. New camera or new bike and jeep parts, which would you choose?

for quick cuts I super heat a putty knife and melt the plastic with it. It's dirty but does a quick job.

Heating th knife works well for plastic. very quick too.

But if you want a clean exacting cut, put on a template and make a very light score with the blade. From there you can folow the score untill you are trough beveling the edge. no sanding if your good.

thats what i really plan on doin tonight. i dont want to sand but if i have to its okay. im gunna try and give the acerbis sumo fender a spaded front like the ufo.

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