Sorry Dr Mark another shoulder Q.

Hi Dr. Mark, I had an MRI of my right shoulder a couple of years ago, and it was not pretty, I have multiple tears in the rotator cuff and advanced arthritis. I am at about a # 4-5 on the pain scale most time. I've had a cortizone shot but, it only lasted about a month. So now I'm going back to revisit my options. Question to you is, I need to have some kind of a simi long term fix with minimal down time. I've just had two hip relacements and one revision within the last two years :thumbsup: and I have no sick time at work. Is it possible that I can have the joint cleaned up and address the tears later????

With that much trouble, I would be suprized if you would benefit from much besides a joint replacement, and you all ready know all about them.

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