since i usually post in here, and the xr250/400 forum sucks... here goes...

i need a bike guys, heres the deal, i sold my xr650r, just wasn't the bike for me, it did jump awesome and was fast, but i felt more like i was hanging on most of the time instead of riding it.... lol before it i had a nice 650l that i just wore too many parts out so i sold it. big and heavy but comfy and fairly low priced. heres what i'm looking for guys either another xr650l or maybe an older xl350 or if the planets aline a xr400 tagged. i'm not going for so much power or anything, but street legal, comfort, gas mileage, and being able to cruise about 70 (a 350 and 400 might need some regearing i understand). please thoughts comments anything guys i trust this section!!!! thanks everyone!

also whats bad about the old xl350's? i know suspension and brakes but are they reliable? i don't care to kick start a bike! i know about the xr650l's and i know some about the xr400's! thanks everyone, whats funny was the only person who replied to my question was headtrauma who is a xr600r rider haha

if u do a fair amount of "crusing" at 70mph and mostly gravel/paved roads...i think ur right back to the 650l or even a plated xr600r...i don't know alot about the other bikes u mentioned but i doubt gearing will do wut u want without reasonable power to back it up...


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