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Sherco (and others) "econo" headlight upgrades

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Many of the Euro DS and SM riders have similar headlight types... as well as many of the aftermarket headlight/numberplate assemblies from Acerbis and UFO to name a few.

A good number of these use a BA20d base and are usually rated at 35/35W. My Sherco, many of the Husqvarna models, some KTMs, single bulb Acerbis etc etc.

The incandescent bulbs look like this... this is an Eiko 6235B-BP. Another brand would be a Philips 12728:


Note that the locking tabs are bent out, rectangular flats... one side narrower than the other for indexing purposes.

There are several directions you can take to improve your lighting without spending a bunch of money. You can get a simple wattage upgrade to a 45/45W from any number of sources... one here.

These incandescent bulbs (both 35 and 45 watt) are also available thru TT and are a Parts Unlimited item with part numbers 6235B-BP and 6245B-BP.

Another "bolt-in" would be a halogen upgrade. There are a few US sources... oddly enough, all from scooter shops. The halogen bulbs look like this:


A regular 35/35W halogen replacement can be found here... and a 45/40W here. There's even a 35/35W "plasma xenon" bulb available here.

As I stated up front, this is more for the guy that wants better lighting... but doesn't want to spend lots of time and money in the process.

There are people on this and other forums that are more knowledgeable than I regarding head-lighting upgrades... including the use of HID conversions within the stock light and increasing charging system output to accommodate multiple lights.

Do some searching if that's what you're interested in.


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