i think i did something bad.

when changing the oil last time around i guess i cross threaded the drain plug. so while riding today the bolt for the oil drain fell out. i didn't notice and my bike wasn't getting hot. when i stopped at my truck i checked it and bolt be gone. but oil was still dripping out. the engine didn't seize or anything but i'm scared that i could have messed up the engine. also what do i do about the thread? is it simple to rethread something?

yep easy to re tap the hole go to a local hardware place and they will give you the neccisary tools

you probably put some nice scratches on the piston, might as well replace

you probably put some nice scratches on the piston, might as well replace

I agree with that. Make sure to not get any metal shavings in the engine when you tap that. :thumbsup:

When you go to get the thread fixed, pull apart the engine and look at it or get somebody to inspect it.

Was it a 2 stroke, or 4 stroke, does the engine have a seperate oil system vs the transmission? You may not have damaged as much as you think.

man i was hoping it was gonna be something fairly cheap. the place i got it from is gonna want an arm a leg and a foot to repair this

im guessing your bike is a fourstroke, the best way to fix a messed up drain bolt is to helicoil it. I ran into the same problem, and tapping it out to a bigger hole is dangerous. just take your drain bolt to a parts store and they can get you what you need, when you helicoil it make sure you tap the whole straight and then put a little locktite on the outside of the helicoil when you put it in. Once you install the drain plug use rubber washer to make sure you get a good seal. I did this on my last bike and it worked great:ride:

nope 4 stroke. oil for engine and tranny is all together.

its allright, what kind of bike? idk if you know how to replace a top end, but if not its probably time for one anyways. it honestly should cost somewhere around $100-150 for a top end (DIY) , and it will feel like a whole new bike! helicoils are easy to use btw. just think of it this way, if you didnt replace the top end, eventually the piston would shatter and theres $3-400 out the window. and make sure you hone! :thumbsup:

I agree with that. Make sure to not get any metal shavings in the engine when you tap that. :worthy:


I would check out the piston. If its not wounded, replace it anyways, or slap on some new rings.

got a helicoil put in for 20 bucks and got it back in a day

I say ride the $#!+ out of it.

if a piston shatters, you will be in deep shit

You guys need to stop jumping to conclusions.

Oil is chemically formulated for bonding to metal surfaces. Depending on how long the bike ran with no oil in the reservoir your bike may not have encountered any serious damage. The only way to find out is to strip the engine down as far as you're willing to go to inspect moving parts.

It may not be a bad idea to replace the top end while you're in there, depending on how many hours you have on the bike.

If it were me, I'd fix the drain plug, hopefully in a manner that did not require splitting the cases. I'd remove a cam cap and check for scoring. If the cam cap is good, changes are the rest is fine too.

she's all good. i only have like 15-20 hours on the bike. i cycled 4 quarters of oil before i even rode to get the shaving out. and when i started it up i checked for oil coming out the exhaust. took her for a ride and there is no loss of power anywhere.

There were shavings???????

Sounds like you got back to the truck in time to call it a lucky thing. Not bad , could have been a LOT worse. There was a tall tale from the Forest trails in the Ozarks (Missouri's Chadwick ORV Park ) about a harescrambles race in which a guy smashed his engine cases open on the rocks at the start of a gnarly up hill trail called Dairy Queen and he yelled at the crew to grab a quart of oil and meet him at the top. They could get there by roads in their chase vehicle much sooner then he could on the trail. He wadded his glove and jambed it in frame near the leaks and went rippin' up Dairy Queen . He might have already decided his bike was needing major repairs so he risked a blown top end and rode it like he stole it . Thats what some one told me any way

chadwick is an insane place. i live pretty close to it and i keep my distance! lol!

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