baja 70 help

i just recently got a baja 70 and it suddendly has lost all of its power dies when its on choke obly barley runs on run setting. im thiking needle adjustemnt or clean my carb air box ??? its has maby 3% power

Check the valve adjustment. It is not uncommon for those Baja's to go way out of adjustment. They get to be very hard to start and then won't hardly run too.

Intake .002"-.004" clearance, exhaust .003"-.006", should be adequate.


thanks alot ill try that then get back to you

yea i turned up the idle speed a little bit and it starts first kick know but still does not run at full power still barley running. the exhaust valve you told me to adjust a lil bit it leaks out fuel ??? so know that it starts ok how do i get it running at 100%

If it was running fine before and now now, then something changed. If it's not the valves, I'd check the fuel tank for plastic shavings. These tanks are known for having a few leftover floaters from the factory that make their way into the carb causing all manner of havoc.

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