04/05 crf

I have the oppertunity to trade my 110 for a crf. From what i've learned so far its a 2004 with a 2005 head. Thing is, the owner "says" that it needs a connecting rod. I don't know anymore details besides it was running good a few days ago. This is all i know, i have alot more questions for him and all but, i wanna know this: are the crf's known for breaking, or wrecking bearings on the rod? is this common? if its just the bearing, do i need to replace the hole crank? splitting the cases can't be hard on these right?

someone give me some insight please.. its a nice bike, but i don't wanna jump into a bottomless pit of money and work into this thing:confused:

Is your 110 tricked out? The parts of a 250R are probably worth more than a 110 unless you've created a serious racing pit bike. As for the 250R, I'd sure investigate a lot further before I traded. These bikes are reliable with proper maintenance (underscore - with proper maintenance). It might simply be that it is time to replace the crank which would not be uncommon for a bike of that year. If so, it is not hard if you know what you are doing. Would be expensive if you have to hire it out.

My 110 is set up pretty good, heres a list of stuff its got just for kicks, you tell me what its worth haha

2005 drz110 with the following mods. red baron 134cc big bore, tb cam, inner rotor kit, twobros exhaust, sano bumpstart, twobros extended shifter, sik110's over the top brake pedal, fat pegs, HD cradle mount, twobros chain roller, chain slide, works rear shock, michelin rear tire, black plastic, titan mx graphics, bbr tall seat, black tank, billet gas cap, twobros tapered steering head bearings, ktm65sx complete front end, including triples, forks, wheel, dunlop tire, hydraulic brakes, pro taper xr50 bend bars, pro grip grips/donuts. i think thats it.

i can do all the work myself for sure so thats a plus.

I definitely want to investigate more, find out as much as i can.. what normally happens with these when the rod goes?

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