Radiator Question

Did a pretty tough ride this past weekend and my bike (and I) fell a good bit... I noticed that my left radiator is a little pushed in toward the top. If I wouldn't of had my CRD guards I know it would have been much worse.

It's not overheating and it's not punctured just a little pushed in at the top outer quadrant where the black plastic is screwed in , all the other fins look great...

Is this worth putting on a new radiator ? btw its a 07 TE- 250



Heck no, even if it is twisted like a pretzel, if it's not leaking...ride it. Check the coolant level after your next couple three rides. You could have a pinhole leak that will steam but you may not see or hear it, and not drip.

Had a pin hole leak in mine and had it fixed for $32(shipping included)..much cheaper then a new one and it was fixed in less then a week!!

I'm sure like the rest of us you will take the opportunity to bend them some more in the future:lol: .

Wait till they are leaking you'll be supprized how hardy they are, I manged to straighten mine several times before they screamed 'no more' then I had to get it repaired:thumbsup:

I suspected it would be fine... just a first time for everything and it's not leaking.. it's amazing right past where the rad guard is not covered it bent a little.. those rocks are pretty sneaky :thumbsup:

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