SM case shields

I recently bought a 2005 DRZ SM and was wondering if anyone knows if the TT case shields will fit it. (They only say it fits e and s)

I was also wondering if I should get case savers or a skid plate first. I ride mostly street and go on on paved roads occasionally. Also would you recommend radiator guards or can I go without those since I don't do any serious deep woods riding?


The side case covers fit just fine i have a 2005 SM, I ride mine off road a lot and find i don't need the skid plate YET. As for the rad guards same thing i have dumped mine over pretty hard a few times without a problem, unlike my KLR that likes to drive it's rad into the dirt.

Get Radiator Braces and a Case Saver. My dad just took a nice size chunk out of his case because he didnt have a saver. Radiators Bend and break really easy, my radiator braces have saved me alot of times.

Alright thanks for all of the help

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