carb jet needle Q?

has anyone taken there carb apart for jetting? when i did i found a white washer under the needle clip (in effect raising the needle position) but.... the parts catalogue doesnt show any washer in there period....

the red is where the white plastic washer is.


hey chris,

Yeah i found this too in my original carb.... I asked the question on here and everyone "sort of" agreed that it was meant to be in there, I'm still not sure. But i replaced the whole carb with the tm33p and it also had a plastic washer under it... but it wasn't as thick

I took the bike out today and it was acting weird so i leaned it out 2 clip positions and now it seems much stronger, anyway while in there I determined that if that stupid white washer isn't in there the jet needle can go up and down about a 1/8" of an inch which isn't right so... i left it,

the only strange thing is that its not listed on TM diagrams from Mikuni or in the Suzuki parts.

yeah i know, i looked at both mikuni and suzuki parts diagrams and it wasnt there.... but most people said it is on their bike, so i left it. (and then replaced it with the TM33 :thumbsup:)

yeah, the OEM needle only has one clip position with that little white spacer. When I got my JD Jet kit, it came with a stainless needle, so I got rid of that aluminum (I think) one. Now I've got lots of choises. I have teh CA version, though, so the design is slightly different.

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