Coolant hose?

Hey guys. My 2000 WR400 had been sitting in the garage for two years without running it. Today I have the urge to get it up and running so I thought I would give it a good once over.

On the coolant reservior located under the seat, there are two hoses that come off it. The higher of the two has broke off under the fuel tank and was burned by the pipe.

I have no idea where it goes and can't for the life of my figure out where it should attaches. None of the manuals I have show it. Do you guys think you could help me out and let me know where to attach the hose when I pick it up a new one. Thanks in advance.

it goes from the right radiator neck (to the left of the cap) back to the tank. there should be a connector near the subframe.

The hose from the bottom of the overflow tank should route up under the seat and fuel tank and attach to the right radiator overflow nipple on the filler neck. The top hose routes up under the seat and then goes down by the carburetor and follows the carb overflow hoses down to between the frame and swingarm.

The higher of the two hoses is your dump, it's usually routed down and out near your carb vent and overflow lines between your motor and swing arm... I can't remember exactly how it's routed on the 400's but ultimately thats where it dumps out when you have pushed so much coolant out of your rads that the bottle overflows...

The lower hose from your resevoir is the one that goes up to your radiator cap neck.

Thanks guys. That was what I was thinking but just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. Much appreciated.

Make sure you do not pinch them with the seat, it'll collapse your left rad hose upon cooling.

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