Talking about EFI

My buddy and I were talking about why EFI is coming to all of the brands. I guess I am more traditional, but I think the carburated motors are dialed in right now. Do you think all bikes will be EFI in the future? What are some of the upsides?

Personally, I can't wait for them. They may not be perfect, but after a year or two (of manufacture, not ownership), they will be great. When GSXr750's came out (97?) people were really skeptical in the racing world, and complained about the off-on transitions. Ba-da-bing, PowerCommanders came out and solved it, and not many people ever wanted to go back.

Yep, needing a laptop and a powercommander-type box are expensive, but once it's dialed in, it's in.

I look forward to no-more adjustments of the air-fuel screw, and most of all putting an end to puking fuel all over the forest when you tip over or stall. I know it's just teaspoons at a time, but I can't believe that Honda can make precisions machines, but its solution to a bike tipping over is "just dump the extra gasoline in the forest."

Ok, that was a bit off topic, but again, I've been hoping for it for years.

It sure makes the Husqvarna's even more appealing.


Do you think all bikes will be EFI in the future? What are some of the upsides?

Yap! It's like 5 years ago, when they were talking about dropping the 2 stroke line. I think that in the years to come, all manufacturers will be putting out 4-stroke bikes. Honda does now and a few years. It's the same with EFI. I read an article that Honda will be implementing EFI in all its bikes until the year 2010 (I think).

Here in Europe, emissions regulations are getting stricter and stricter almost every year. For one, that's the case I think.

Can't wait to see this year's CRF lineup.

People are talking and talking and talking about the R versions, but noone is talking about the X.

I'm eagerly waiting to see what's new there..:thumbsup:

If I touched the jetting, my bike would be a rocket. I just dont have the time to take apart the carb/run to the dealer for some jets or the $$$ for a JD jet kit.

mmmmmm....fuel injection.

I'm kind of excited about EFI, but it does bring a whole new element to it. I used to have a mach 1 mustang and everytime I would add some mods that effected the motor I'd have to get a dyno tune. The hand held tuners are nice, but unless you have it hooked up to a computer or dyno it's going to be a guessing game. I bet the tuners around the country are just chomping at the bit for the EFI's to come out.

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