Thinking of getting an 08 WR250F

I've been looking for a bike for a while now (this will be my first) and now finally have the funds to get one. Today I went up to my local shop and looked at a few different models and manufacturers . There were a couple that caught my eye: 08 wr250f and the suzuki drz400e. Both are in the same price range but offer different things that im looking for.

Im fairly new to dirtbikes, im usually on a quad. Being in southern california im gonna spend most of the time in the desert but i do travel to different areas that have trails. On the 250 i like the light weight and the suspension seems really good, all in all it just feels good. The only thing im worried about is the engine size. Im not a small guy (5'10 200 pounds) and im worried that i might outgrow it as i get more experience. But on the other hand ive rode 250 quads and they seem to move really well.

I pretty much want a good bike that will be able to keep up with me in the long run.

Id like to hear some opinions before i go ahead and pick it up.

For tight trails, the WR 250f is going to be worlds better than the DR-Z.

I'm probably going to get blasted for saying this, but for the desert I'm not sure the WR has much of an advantage over the DR-Z. The DR-Z's weight is going to make it more stable at high speeds and the seat is more comfortable if you're going to be pulling all day rides. Also that big 400 is going to be less stressed in the open stuff.

Both bikes need a bunch of $$ thrown at them to really run. However in stock trim they're newb friendly.

BTW a DR-Z 400e shouldn't even be in the same price range as an '08 WR 250f. IIRC the last year for the 400e (2007) the MSRP was $5199. If they're the same price the WR is a no brainer. If you can get the DR-Z for $1000-$1500 cheaper than the WR then it deserves serious consideration IMO.

The WR i was looking at is new and the price is 4900 otd, which seems like a pretty good deal. If I do get it i might end up dual sporting it to take advantage of the truck trails in my local mountains. Most of my experience in offroading is on trails, which i prefer. I havent been to many places locally so i dont know if theyre more trails versus open riding.

I have a wr250 2007, weigh 95kg and that bike is plenty fast. I also had a DRZ400e and am currently wishing for one, on longer rides is was a better bike in my humble opinion.

$4900 OTD for an '08 WR 250f is a no brainer. Snatch that sucker up before someone else does.

$4900 OTD for an '08 WR 250f is a no brainer. Snatch that sucker up before someone else does.

You got that right. That's a deal and a half !!!

That is a good price.

I've always thought the DRZ's are more "dual sport". If you can tag the WR that would be pretty sweet. The DRZ would be much better on road, the WR much better off road.

The point about high-speed desert riding and a heavier bike (DRZ) is a good point, but if you are looking for an off-road bike that you can occasionally ride on-road to get to the trails, get the WR.

DRZ-400S is 317 pounds! Yikes!

you won't beat the price on that wr. last friday i bought a brand new leftover '05 for nearly that much, and i thought i got a fairly good deal. seems odd that a stealership would have a leftover for three years or more, then he floored me when i saw three more '05 wr's brand new, and another brand new '05 yz 450F. also, on the wr vs. drz question, in my limited and humble experience, the wr will be way more focused - think of a scalpel. the drz will be making compromises everywhere. i'm coming to the wr from a dual sport myself, and my belief is, unless it's the husky or ktm, it won't be a focused off roader without a lot of mods that take away from its "dual sportyness." think of a utility knife. hope this helps.

i have both bikes and the e is 30# heavier than the wr. it also has alot more power but its not as easy to ride in the woods. if your going to ride in wide open areas the e would be better. theres a ton of after market parts and the drz forum on here is really helpful.

Yea so I go to the dealer and the bike is still there so I tell the guy that I want it. So they go ahead and run my credit and everything is good. Until they come back and tell me that the bike has already been sold (after they run my credit). Then he comes and tries and to sell me an 07 that was sitting next to it for that same price. I just walked out.

So now i'm looking at some nice used dual sports. This weekend im gonna go check out an 03 KLX 400(DRZ400s) and a 98 WR400F converted to dual sport. Both are about the same price(3500), the KLX looks alot cleaner and only has 1500 miles. The WRF looks a little beat, but i can imagine having alot of fun on that one.

2 different bikes. I'd get the WR. The DRZ is old school. Plus with that price, you'd be a fool not to buy it!

I had the klx400, now wr250f.

I miss 2 things.

I miss the the seat, the width of the seat to be prcise compared to the wr. The Yamaha seat is a cheek splitter, but then again, I should be standing up a lot more.

I also miss the power curve, I liked that alot.

Personally I like the light bike, as said above the DRZ is heavy and old school, the WR250 is a lot more fun.

Best of luck in choosing.

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