Tough Trucks

What are some trucks that are flat out tough? By tough I mean driven hard daily, lack of maintenance throughout its life, and been through hell and back yet still keeps going. It must have the whole package consisting of a durable motor and tranny not just one or the other. Share some of your stories of how you beat your truck like a rented mule and how it still keeps ticking.

Toyota trucks. Of course Ford, Chevy and Dodge can be poorly maintained and still live a long life but nothing holds up like a yota. Seriously. a video on youtube has a guy with a toyota truck with a 22RE motor with no oil in it. It runs and runs and runs and runs.

Toyota trucks. Of course Ford, Chevy and Dodge can be poorly maintained and still live a long life but nothing holds up like a yota. Seriously. a video on youtube has a guy with a toyota truck with a 22RE motor with no oil in it. It runs and runs and runs and runs.

I had three toyotas. Reliable yes.....but to an extent. I took very very good care of them and still had power steering hoses break, water pumps and rad crack, clutch problems. They were ok trucks, but nothing spectacular considering they cost twice has much down here

I'd have to agree with the Yotas. A buddy of mine plows his like he's trying to kill it, and it has 310k miles on it, and still runs great.

most engines will run for a few minutes with no oil .

however i own a yota pickup . its great just check the valves every 60,000 miles there mechanical .

I purchased a 85 Ford F150, 300-6, 4x4, 4 spd from a farmer for $200, and proceeded to beat the living snot out of it for the next 3 years.

Now, when this truck came into my possession, it had RUST....rusted to the point of no return.....the drivers side rocker panel and cab corner had long ago retired to the side of the highway in dust, and there was no floor all the way over to the gas pedal. No biggie-some old road signs and we were draft free again.

Under the hood was another story-where the EGR piping was supposed to be plumbed in below the carb, someone had forcibly cross threaded a 1-7/8 ball hitch in there when the EGR tube rotted off, and welded the port on the manifold. No emissions in MN, so I figured :thumbsup:

The exhaust was dumped just behind the cab, and no muffler.

This truck was already on it's 3rd trip through the odometer, showing 85k miles (that's right, 285k), and still ran great. Did use a bit of oil.....ok, more than a bit-at least a quart per tank of fuel.

But, this truck got pounded it's whole life before I got it, and got pounded just as hard during my ownership, and then went on to be used as an off-road thrash wagon after I sold it.

I used this truck for farm work-I'd put a round bale in the bed and pull a hay rack with 8 more on it from field to did the job gladly.

The truck started just fine in sub zero temps, plowed through snow to feed cattle (not hard with over a ton of hay for traction-LOL) and in general, never was treated nice.

I changed oil when I got it, and never removed the drain plug after that-every 3k, I'd change the filter (which weighed about the same as a lead balloon) and added more oil. Never once did I change the trans oil, diff oil, tcase fluid or front diff. Just drove it like I stole it.

Before I sold it for $500, I rolled the odometer over another time and was showing 40k again. (that's 340k).

A few years after I sold it, I saw it parked in front of the local store, and the current owner said he said he gave $500 for it, and it had rolled the odometer over again (this makes 400k), and it still kept going. And it still had that ball hitch cross threaded into the EGR valve, too.

Sadly, it died around 440k miles because the owner neglected to maintain the oil level-rod through the block, and hardly anything came out on the ground.

Say what you want about Ford's, but those 300-6's just won't die.

Toyota's FTW! all i ever HAVE owned and all i EVER will own!



My ford F-250 has 156,000 miles and its running absolutely great.

my jimmys got 170000, cant kill the 4.3's and its been through some sh*t

k1500's, they won't die...

My old 87 Ranger 4x4 (it became an anger when the R fell off) was beat to hell almost every day. It was four wheeled hard (I drove it like it was a motorcycle), jumped frequently, and onced hydro locked after driving through a river that turned out to be too deep. I just pulled the plugs out and turned it over to get the water out, put the plugs back in and it fired up. It ran fine after that too. I think it had 140-150,000 on miles on it when I sold it. I did change the oil and do maintenance when I was supposed to. Considering what was done to it the truck was driving very well when I got rid of it.

my ram 1500 with the 318 has over 200k, 170-180k pulling a 3-horse slant load and she still chirps the oversize tires i have on it. however the original owner did take amazing care of it. but i hear the dodge 318 is damn near indestructable.


This is my current toy hauler, a 71' 3/4 ton with the factory optional 12,000lb dual rear. Its now got a mildly built 350/350 trans and the entire truck has been rebuilt/replaced except for the factory metal....a little beat but no rust...

We can get a pair of 4-wheelers and a dirtbike on back to haul and when it's unloaded the 6:13 rear gears make for some neck snapping acceleration. A good ole truck.

Also have a 95' 350 with 303,000 and a 99' 350 with 205,000. Both in trucks with mostly all original parts and components. Can't beat a Chevy.


My brother's 97 Dodge Ram 2500. Oil gets changed maybe every 50,000 miles(that's probably low ballin' it),never changes his fuel filters.Over 300,000 miles and maybe 3 fuel filter changes. Tranny was replaced at 250,000 and ball joints at 285,000,other than that it's all original.Even the interior and paint look great. Truck still pulls great,drives good,doesn't burn any oil,doesn't smoke too bad, and the mileage on that 12 valve Cummins puts my 04 to shame.

I agree with Stevelknievel, you can't kill the 4.3!!! I had a '91 Chevy s-10 4.3I loved that truck. I was pretty good with maintenance until the accident. Then it didn't seem to be as important. I gave the truck to my brother in 2000, when I got a new S-10 ZR2 package. My brother had the truck for a couple of years. My brothers idea of maintenance is when something breaks he gets it fixed. He later gave the truck to a friend of his and as of last week the truck is still going strong at 200,000 miles plus. You can't kill the 4.3

On my father's 88 22r toyota pickup he put 550,000 miles on it before trading it in for a 2001 tacoma. The truck still ran like a top. On his current 2001, he has already put 375,000 miles and it is still running great. With a valve adjustment about 30,000 miles ago, he said it ran like the day he bought it.

Right,I was swapping out a chev.250 six for a 283 V-8 in a 67 short bed 2wd truck,it had a 3 on the column,but the PO put a granny low 4 spd in it,it did come stock with a posi-track rear axle,thats why i bought it,any way I tried to blow it up in a mud bogg cuz I had that fresh 283 going in it the next day, Ladies and gentleman,Let me tell you,it withstood an un-fathomable amount of abuse,I wasnt ramming it into trees,but i was reving it hard as it would go,it was still running the next day,you would have to of seen it to believe it.The mother freaker just wouldnt blow up,it was full of oil,and it had water in the radiator,I sold the motor to an old man a few days later, for 200 bucks,all he did was tune it up, last i heard it was still running,this has been a long time back,83-84. Currently,im driving a 96 F-150,300-6,that i traded a Honda nighthawk 600 straight up for,and with new spark plugs,it runs smooth as glass,,the trucks interior is super clean,thats why im keeping it or a while.

Dodge Cummins, 6spd. I friend of mine is a hot-shotter for the oilfield, he has 1.4Milllion km on his 01 cab and chassis. All of those km were loaded to the balls, getting dragged threw swamp, muskeg, and bush by CATS in -35*Celsius. The truck now has 3 cracked pistons, but still refuses to lay over and die.

seems like any inline 6 design is tough of nails, fords 4.9, chryslers / 6, and the cummins, its a really good design

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