XR650R Hi Comp and Stage 2 Cam Jetting?

I plan on doing a hi comp piston and Hot Cams stage 2 cam in a friends bike. It's already uncorked and runs fine with the suggested jetting for what he currently has. Is the jetting going to need to be changed for these mods? Or will the jetting it has work fine? I bought an Edelbrock for my bike soon after I got it, so I don't have much experience with the stock carbs to help him with tuning. Any help would be appreciated.


I only did a Stage 1, but it might help you if no one else responds.

Before cam 172main, 3rd pos down on comp needle, 68s pilot, ran great everywhere

After cam 175main, 4th pos down on comp needle, 68s pilot, runs great everywhere except around 16th throttle(tiny tiny amount of throttle)

I think my pilot is too lean, I am going to try a 70s this week, but feel like it is going to be too rich.

I'd like to try the stage 2 someday, the stage 1 is great, I bet the stage 2 is berzerker mode deluxe.

Thanks! That is what I thought about the cam, but for some reason I was thinking the piston needs to be jetted leaner. So that would cancel out going richer for the cam? If I don't get much more input I may just go up one on everything. Better to be rich than lean.:thumbsup:

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