Alpinestars Tech 8? How do they fit?

For Christmas I got a pair of Alpinestars Tech 8 racing boots. I have grown up on motorcycles but never had a pair of boots. With age I am a little more concerned about being safe! I normally wear a size 13 in shoes or work boots but I was wondering if I was supposed to buy a size bigger than what I normally wear? The boots I have fit tight all around, kind of like a ski boot, is this normal?


My Tech 8 boots felt tight for about 2 hours. After that they are hands down the most comfortable boots I have worn. I am partial to Alpinestars though.

Several of the members have many years with the Tech 8 boots and I am surt they will post. I did get 1/2 half size larger than my street shoe. I tried on a pair at our shop and they were too tight with the bootie inside. I wear thick wool socks so I went larger.

Bill :)

Your sizing may be different over there but my T8's are two sizes bigger than my street shoe size, rest assured you wont look back from your new T8's. :)

I wear a size 9 and bought a size 9. Wore the T8's without the booty till they broke in and then put the booty in.

The only thing I don't like about T8's are the soft sole, but that is what makes them grip good. I was always wearing out the seam between the insole and the ball of my foot. Now I put shoe goo over that portion of the sole and the problem is gone.

I went one size bigger than my street shoes for my AlpineStars... If they are a bit big, get thick socks... but they will settle in over a (short) period of time...



After break-in you will never go to another boot. Hands down best comfort and protection out there. E-WA, I got tired of replacing soles every two months so I had a pair of SX soles from Gaerne boots installed on my Tech 8's. I rode all summer with hardly a mark on them. My .02---WR Dave.

I normally wear a 10 or 10-1/2 shoe. I got my Tech 8s in size 11. I wear mine with thick Thor MX socks and Thor knee/shin pads. They should fit tight like a ski boot. That's what gives you the ankle support.

Wear an 11 and that's what I bought. Most comfortable boot I have owned. Excellent protection as well.

I got tired of replacing soles every two months so I had a pair of SX soles from Gaerne boots installed on my Tech 8's

Hmmmmm.. intresting...

Try to keep my walking to a minimum, they are NOT very good hiking boots. Isn't that why they are called MX boots?? :)

I got tired of replacing soles every two months so I had a pair of SX soles from Gaerne boots installed on my Tech 8's.

Very interesting, where did you get the soles and did they have to trim to fit? Anyone special do it?

I have some big old ham-hocks, and my size 11's are snug. They broke in well, but are stiffer than my other boots. They are more comfortable than any boot Ive worn.

Hey thank you everyone for your input! I am sure I will enjoy the boots. The only thing is I am going to have to wait for another week because there is still 12 inches of snow here. :)

Personally I prefer the SIDI srs vortex boots. the soles are replacable and they have an adjustable calf. I tried tech 8's but the SIDI's were way more comfortable and lots easier to walk in. The only problem I have with the sidi's is that they are so nice looking I hate to wear them in the dirt :)

MoMilkman And E-WA, I just ordered the Gaerne SX soles (in the color of your choice) from my local bike dealer. They only cost about $2.00 more than the 'stars insoles. I then took them to a boot repair shop and had them installed for about $35.00 Cdn. They seem to be wearing much better than the 'Star insole. Good luck. P.S. order the same size sole as the boot you are wearing. WR Dave.

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