Bad Coolant Leak

Hello to everyone! im new here so please bear with me. i think i got the right forum. but neway here goes. 2000 rm250. i have a bad coolant leak. i have a good idea where its is comin from. it is leaking into my crankcase into the clutch side of my motor. where i believe it is comin from is the center gasket in the middle of the motor. to be exact im pretty sure it is in the area of the water pump. now if im not mistaken there are no water jackets in the case itself, just in the head. coolant goes from the radiator to the pump via hose, through the pump, through the cooling jackets in the head and circulates back to the pump and out the opposite side of the pump back to the radiator...correct? ok now what i think is going on is the gasket has come apart in there allowing coolant to feed into the bottom of my case mixing with my gear/tranny/clutch oil. now another question when i pull the gears off for the exhaust valve, water pump, crank, trans gear and such will the case simply split apart with no problem? i heard someone say i need to press it apart but that seems a little astray to me. i hope you guys can help me out.

Coolant leaking into the gearbox? More than likely the water pump seal is shot. It's an easy fix and does not require splitting the cases. Remove the right side cover (the clutch side) and you can get to the water pump, which lives in the cover. You'll need water pump seals, bearings (might as well replace them while you're in there) and gaskets for the side and water pump covers.

i did a little more investigating last night and im 100 % sure thats where it is comin from. i have gaskets on the way but i have some slop in the bearings im goin to need those as well. thanks for the help

ok from the looks of things i need to split the case in order to access the water pump. and suggestions on how the case splits????

forgot to mention that the bearing for the pump is pressed into the case and the oil seal is behind that. the case definitly needs to be split in order to do the bearing and seal. only problem is the trans shaft is pressed onto the bearing which is pressed into the case on the right side and the stator or magneto is pressed onto the crank on the left side. man i cant win. i take it i have to get some sort of puller to take the stator off? and if i get the stator off will my case come apart?

You do not need to split the cases to get to the water pump. The water pump lives in the clutch cover; remove it and you'll have full access to the water pump. Perhaps this picture will help you. #s 20-26 are the water pump. Not shown is the water pump cover that lives on the outside of the clutch cover.


in my bike (2000) rm 250 the water pump in not in the clutch cover. it is in the middle of the case in the front most part of the motor. the outer bearing on the impeller shaft is pressed into to case. the impeller will not come out unless that bearing is taken out. i need to take the bearing out to get to the seal behind it. nonetheless i have to split the case to drive that bearing out. or if anyone knows how to get that bearing out of the case without splitting it?

you need to pull the clutch case off maybe but not split the cases. The water pump should come out without even taking the clutch case off though. you can make your own bearing press with threaded rod and some washers nuts and sockets. Usually the bearing taps out.

ok ill give that a try thanks.

I have a '98 RM250, and am having the same problem... I have learned that Suzuki, from '97 to '00, made it so you need to split the case to replace the seal on the water pump... Not good... I am wondering if using some aftermarket "Stop Leak" of sorts might condition my seal to get me through until winter comes... I hope so, as I am not looking forward to splitting the case!

Stop leak won't help in your situation. Those types of products are meant for copper radiators in an emergenct situation. Once a pump seal goes it has to be replaced.

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