Lowering '03 TTR125LE

My wife is SHORT = 4'11". She has the dual sport bug. She has been riding dirt bikes for about 16 years. She has had 5 or 6 bikes over the years. After riding another gals' bike, she wanted a TTR (about 4 years ago). I think the electic start has a LOT to do with her decision. :thumbsup: Off-road the bike height is fine for her. Around town --> I do NOT want her on tip toes to hold the bike up. I have the preload taken out of the rear shock (she only weighs 105), and she isn't bottoming it. I also have the fork run up in the triple clamps about 1/2" or so (I really can't take them up but a couple more mm).

It looks like I could modify the rubber linkage attachment, redrill the bottom of the shock mount and get another 1/2" or so. Any thoughts on that?

I do realize that I can shave the seat foam, but then that will impact comfort :worthy: and I will have to listen to THAT for how long? :busted:

If anyone has any experience lowering one of these, bring it on!

Thanks guys!

I have some forks wheel brakes and swingarm from the little wheel. I could trade or sell them to you if you want. And I also have some stock seat foam you could play with to see if shaving is a do or dont. shoot me a pm.

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