What are some good fmx mods 4 the cr125?

What are some good mods i can do 2 my 125 to make it more like an fmx bike.

Handlebars, gearing, suspension. Hard terrain tires.

i got most of all that ,except 4 the suspension.like is there and thing i should take off,cut, grind stuf like that.

shaved fenders, grab holes in the airbox and number plates, cut sides of front number plate, and shaved seat.

y do u cut the front number plate

i honestly have no clue whatsoever and personally dont like the way it looks, but ive seen a few "fmx" style bikes with it done.

More space for cliffhangers and other tricks with your feet around the bars, I'm thinking. Get your suspension dialed. You'll be glad you did.

ya is it beter to go softer of stiffer

Depends on the size of the jump. Normal gaps in fmx are anywhere from 30 to about 80 feet, so I would say stiffer. You could probly get more information in the suspension forum about that.

I wouldn't do anything to the bike except stiffen up the suspension. Maybe some break away levers. When you get some easy tricks down cut some grab holes.

k im gona go riding to day so i'll stiffin it up and c how it works.

Black it out and get some Metal Mulisha stickers.

Black it out and get some Metal Mulisha stickers.

Yeah! :thumbsup:

06crf er big upp's.. this guy knows what up^^ METAL MULISHA all the way

Who makes black plastic.and does someone make an fmx seat?

Oh my gawd he was being sarcastic about the plastic....

and no, you cannot buy an fmx seat.

Oh ok

Well iv seen bikes with black plastic,wat do they just dye it or spray paint it?


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